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Kimberly Bracey, Mayor Tony Yarber Affair: Scandalous Details Revealed In Federal Lawsuit

Kimberly Bracey, Mayor Tony Yarber Affair: Scandalous Details Revealed In Federal Lawsuit
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Kimberly Bracey, Mayor Tony Yarber Affair: Scandalous Details Revealed In Federal Lawsuit

Shocking details emerged after a copy of a lawsuit filed against Mayor Tony Yarber by his former executive assistant Kimberly Bracey was published online. The lawsuit names the city of Jackson, Mississippi as a defendant.

Yarber and Bracey started their affair back in May of 2014, around the time Bracey separated with her husband and moved in with Monica Joiner, City Attorney for the City of Jackson, Mississippi. Yarber and Bracey were said to have engaged in a sexual relationship around this time.

However, Bracey never disclosed the affair with Joiner, as the city attorney was also “actively pursuing a sexual relationship” with the Mississippi mayor.

According to Bracey, Yarber also “engaged in numerous sexual relationships with other women” at the time he was sexually active with both Bracey and Joiner. On July 2014, Bracey ended up reconciling with her husband and moving back to their family home. She then proceeded to end her affair with Yarber, but that’s when their relationship went from consensual to abusive.

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According to the complaint, Yarber first transferred Bracey under supervision of other staff members. Around the same time, the Mississippi mayor allegedly forced Bracey to continue having sexual relations with him, telling her she would lose her job if she didn’t. At this time, Bracey realized it would be hard for her to find a similar job. She was also aware that she is the sole income earner in her family

According to a GoFundMe page set up by Bracey, her husband Santore was diagnosed with kidney failure back in 2015. He has already undergone five surgeries, since his diagnosis had him hospitalized a number of times. Bracey happens to be a mother of three children, one of which was diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, according to an article she wrote for Outfront.

Because of her circumstances, Bracey decided to continue working for Yarber.

After some time, Yarber allegedly subjected Bracey to a number of “inappropriate sexual comments” about other women various times. At one point, the mayor requested Bracey to encourage another woman to give Yarber oral sex in exchange for guaranteed employment. Meanwhile, Bracey claimed that Yarber spent time with strippers during fundraising events organized by Mitzi Bickers.

Moreover, at one point, Bracey arranged for a woman to have sex with Yarber while attending a fundraiser in Atlanta Georgia.

On April 2015, Bracey decided to refuse advances by Yarber, even it meant losing her job. Later that month, Yarber accused Bracey of unauthorized use of city equipment for personal use. She was threatened to be terminated then was fired from her job. Around this time, Bracey learned that Jackson City employees had been unlawfully accessing her private Google email.

Bracey is now suing for punitive damages, compensatory damages, back pay, possible reinstatement and more. Following the lawsuit, Yarber released a statement to the Jackson Free Press, calling Bracey’s lawsuit “vicious and scandalous” and Bracey herself “disgruntled.”

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