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Kim Kardashian Might Be The Real Thief, Staged Robbery To Keep Borrowed Diamonds – Report

Kim Kardashian Might Be The Real Thief, Staged Robbery To Keep Borrowed Diamonds – Report
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Kim Kardashian Might Be The Real Thief, Staged Robbery To Keep Borrowed Diamonds – Report

Kim Kardashian had to flee Paris in a hurry after she was robbed at gunpoint! But people say she staged the whole thing just to keep the rented jewelry for herself?

Even though Kim Kardashian’s PR team has released a statement saying that the reality star was forcibly robbed during her stay at the Paris hotel by 4 fake policemen, social media is refusing to believe it.

Anyone who remotely follows the Kardashians would know that they have their own fleet of armed security team and they never step outside of their house or hotel rooms without being flanked by the latter at all times.

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So, understandably, people are finding it rather bizarre that none of Kim’s bodyguards intervened all the while she was being robbed of 5 million dollars worth of jewelry.

Fortunately, there is no dearth of conspiracy theorists on the internet.

So, as the most famous Kardashian attempts to recuperate from her assumedly terrible ordeal, people on the social have taken it upon themselves to investigate and find out exactly what transpired behind the locked doors of the Paris Hotel.

Hollywood Prankster Vitalii Sediuk, who recently created headlines when he attempted to kiss Kim Kardashian’s butt on the Paris Fashion Week red carpet has a very interesting theory.

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He posted a picture of Kim Kardashian’s main bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, on Instagram – the man who had incidentally stopped Sediuk from being successful in pulling his prank after he had ironically failed in preventing Kim from being robbed.

In the long caption that Sediuk wrote beside Pascal’s picture, he indicated that it is not uncommon for celebrities to often stage thefts just to keep their hands on expensive jewelry that they have been loaned to advertise on the red carpet by companies.

Even though he did not directly accuse Kim of stealing the jewelry by faking her robbery, he did add a Post Script to his note saying “I heard Kanye West was in debts..”

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According to Mirror, several other theories have popped up. There are those who are attributing the MO of the theft to one “Pink Panther gang”, to whom many such heists have been credited before.

Some have even said that it might be just a ploy to boost up the future ratings of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, the Kardashians’ reality show.

However, nothing can be said for certain until Kim Kardashian decides to speak up about this incident herself.

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