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Kim Kardashian Allegedly Scared Of Taylor Swift Fans: So Many Bodyguards – Report

Kim Kardashian Allegedly Scared Of Taylor Swift Fans: So Many Bodyguards – Report
Kim Kardashian at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival for the premiere of Wonderful World. David Shankbone / Wikimedia Commons CC BY 3.0

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Kim Kardashian Allegedly Scared Of Taylor Swift Fans: So Many Bodyguards – Report

When it comes to security, Kim Kardashian has proven time and again that she does not like to compromise. And when it is her sworn nemesis, Taylor Swift, out for her blood, it is only natural that she beefs up her bodyguards.

Kim Kardashian has recently invoked the wrath of many Taylor Swift fans when she waged a war against the singer publicly. Painting the latter as a “liar,” Kim Kardashian attempted to defend her husband by posting the recording of a telephonic conversation between Kanye and Taylor on her Snapchat.

The recording clearly showed that Taylor Swift has pre-approved the lyrics of the “Famous” music video way before its release. This means that the defamation drama that Taylor Swift had started in the media post Post-Kanye’s music video release has no base whatsoever.

Taylor Swift & Kim Kardashian Feud

This caused one of the worst celeb feuds in the recent times, with industry splitting up into two camps, one supporting Team Taylor and another one backing Team Kim, reports Daily Mail.

Regardless of who is speaking out in her favor, Kim is taking no risks when it comes to her safety out in the open. For this reason, she arrived for her appearance at a party in the Hamptons with double the number of security that normally accompanies her.

Twenty-five bodyguards, most of them well-armed stayed by her side as she partied hard and patiently clicked snaps with Instagram fanatics. ‘

Kim Kardashian Haters

Moreover, knowing that it’s Kim Kardashian, it was hardly surprising that she settled for nothing less than pure professionals. Almost all of the members of her security team were comprised of off-duty policemen.

According to Page Six, this “small police force” kept away the few party crashers that tried to sneak in from the back door.

Since Taylor Swift has flown down to Australia to hang out with her boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston, and spotted hand in hand walking in the streets donning a carefree attitude, it is pretty clear who is the more intimated one in this war of celebrities.

Which side are you on in the Taylor Swift – Kim Kardashian Feud?

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