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Kim Kardashian Robbery Fake: Possible Reasons Due To Kanye West

Kim Kardashian Robbery Fake: Possible Reasons Due To Kanye West
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Kim Kardashian Robbery Fake: Possible Reasons Due To Kanye West

Kim Kardashian has gained a reputation for being embroiled in a lot of controversial things,but for staging a “fake” robbery? Hmmmm…That’s a different matter.

But this is the storyline a magazine is trying to peddle, as it has accused the American reality star of  masterminding a hoax wherein she allegedly lost $11 Million dollars worth of jewelry in Paris.
According to the magazine article, the statement given by the “Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s” star does not seem to add up, fueling rumors  the robbery incident at the Paris Hotel could be part of an elaborate insurance scam.
Quoting Star magazine, Gossip Cop reported that Kim Kardashian could have made up the fake robbery wherein she claimed she was gagged and hogtied by armed men before carting away her jewelry.
Star theorized the 35-year-old reality star supposedly faked the hotel heist so that she could claim her payment from insurers, and pay off the large debts owed by her husband Kanye West.
The Star article further alleged  the sociate’s account of the Paris hotel attack didn’t make any sense at all, and at the same, time raised questions that had already been previously answered such as why didn’t she have security when the incident happened, and why she was staying in a separate part of the hotel.
An insider quoted by Star via Gossip Cop insinuated that the alleged fake robbery involving Kim Kardashian might cause irreperable damage to her and Kanye West’s personal reputation and careers if it is proven  the incident was just made up.
Gossip Cop, however, debunked Star’s conspiracy theory, as it pointed out that French authorities have not given any hint they doubted the popular TV star’s disclosure on the robbery.
The gossip-busting website pointed out the popular model-actress has also filed a lawsuit against online site Media Takeout for insinuating that the robbery was merely staged.
In the meantime, E! News reported  that among the pieces of jewelry stolen from the controversial reality TV star was a $4.9 million diamond ring and a $5.6 million jewelry box.
The ring is a 20-carat, emerald-cut diamond by Lorraine Schwart,which according to the jeweler,is D-Flawless, Type 2A,the rarest and most valuable kind of diamond.
Given Kanye West’s financial capability to purchase such jewelry worth millions of dollars, is it necessary for Kim Kardashian to fake a robbery just to get her hands on insurance money?
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