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Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery: Concierge Lying; Police Unconvinced By Report

Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery: Concierge Lying; Police Unconvinced By Report
Kim Kardashian at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival for the premiere of Wonderful World. David Shankbone / Wikimedia Commons CC BY 3.0

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Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery: Concierge Lying; Police Unconvinced By Report

According to the Paris Police, the concierge’s account of the robbery that had taken place in Kim Kardashian’s apartment is full of inconsistencies and it does not add up.

The US Weekly reports, authorities have been told by the unnamed staffer of Hôtel de Pourtalès, that  5 assailants, dressed as policemen had buzzed the intercom and asked for Ms. Kardashian.

The concierge on opening the door apparently says that he was held at gunpoint and was forced to open her apartment with one key. According to a source of US Weekly, “What’s confusing to police is how a low-ranking night staffer had such easy key access to the VIP apartments,”.

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The Police are bewildered as to how the concierge was able to lead the robbers directly to Kim’s bedroom. Kim Kardashian, the 35 year old star says that she too was held at gunpoint and was then bounded and gagged by the five assailants and carried to the bathroom, who later made of with her jewels.

During the terrifying incident, Kim was afraid that she’d be raped. A second source told US WeeklyThey did not speak English. Kim was hysterically crying, begging for her life, telling them about her babies,”.

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There are diverse and multiple security protocols in the 9 apartments of the lavish estate. Hence, it’s inconceivable for the concierge to gain access to her apartment without breaking in, but surprisingly there has been no forced entry.

Daily Mail reports, the perplexing testament of the unnamed doorman, that the five men on saying, “It’s urgent — we must see Ms. Kardashian”, he had let them in and the follow up story,  is the current spoken evidence to the detectives as they investigate this £9m heist.

Kim Kardashian is now safe in New York City and is regularly briefing detectives over the phone on the ongoing investigation.

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