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Kim Kardashian Almost Raped And Killed: How Reality Star Escaped Scary Paris Break In!

Kim Kardashian Almost Raped And Killed: How Reality Star Escaped Scary Paris Break In!
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Kim Kardashian Almost Raped And Killed: How Reality Star Escaped Scary Paris Break In!

Kim Kardashian was robbed yesterday and she feared that she might be raped and killed during the traumatic break-in in her Paris hotel room last Sunday.

The 35-year-old reality star told the police that she though she will be raped and killed by five men dressed as police when they stormed in her hotel room and held her at gunshot.

According to report, Kim Kardashian reportedly begged to the armed men not to kill her as she has babies waiting for her at home.

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She also feared that she might be raped as the men tied her hands and ankles with a duct tape and was only wearing a robe at the time. She was then forced to go the bathroom and was locked in there. Her mouth was also taped, a TMZ report said.

The men, whom Kim Kardashian reported as French-speaking, said they wanted to get her ring, which pertains to the diamond ring Kanye West gave to the reality star.

She told the men that she had money and they can take whatever they want in her hotel room.

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Kim Kardashian’s pal Simone was also reportedly in the apartment and immediately called the reality star’s longtime bodyguard Pascal Duvier upon hearing the commotion.

The bodyguard was not with Kim Kardashian at the time she was robbed as he was in a bar looking after Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian who were partying in a Paris bar.

The bodyguard returned to Kim Kardashian’s hotel room two minutes after the five armed men left the area. The robbery incident took only six minutes.

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In a photo released by Mirror UK, Kim Kardashian was snapped looking glum while she jets into New York following the robbery. She was also photographed without her diamond ring.

Kanye West also reportedly stopped his show in New York to attend to his traumatized wife following the incident.

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