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Killer Clown Sightings: Creepy Clowns Keep On Showing Up – REPORT

Killer Clown Sightings: Creepy Clowns Keep On Showing Up – REPORT

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Killer Clown Sightings: Creepy Clowns Keep On Showing Up – REPORT

There have been numerous alleged killer clown sightings over the past several days, generating fears among residents in different cities. Why is this happening when clowns are supposed to be funny?

For the past few weeks, reports have been filled with creepy clowns harassing and scaring people around the country, which causes unhealthy paranoia. According to USA Today, residents from different states actually saw these clowns roaming around. Other clown sightings reports seemed like a false alarm.

On September 14,  the police arrested two people in Georgia for calling 911 for allegedly making a false claim about clowns trying to kidnap children into a van. Not even a single clown was found in the vicinity.

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A Facebook page said there would be a clown invasion in Georgia elementary, middle and high schools to abduct children. The police arrested four people they suspected responsible for the threats. Thankfully, no one was hurt. The Facebook page has been taken down since then.

In Maryland, callers stated that they saw were able to sight clowns hiding in the bushes and jumping out to scare people. Again, they weren’t able to locate any clowns. In Central Oregon, another report was made by a woman, as she saw a stranger wearing a clown mask with blue teeth. Once again, police failed to track that clown too.

In Kentucky, a man grabbed a gun when he felt that a clown was nearby. He shot the gun into the air and was given a citation to appear in court. It turns out that the clown wasn’t a clown at all. In fact, it was a woman wearing a white afghan. Good thing no one was hurt.

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People have been posting their own experiences on social media with their clown sightings. These eerie clown reports have been causing paranoia to people. Some people even take this advantage to threat everyone and make a hoax. Some say that this is just a prank for the upcoming Halloween.

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