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When His Kids Wanted A Dog, This Reluctant Dad Drew Up A Contract

When His Kids Wanted A Dog, This Reluctant Dad Drew Up A Contract
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When His Kids Wanted A Dog, This Reluctant Dad Drew Up A Contract

Many parents tell their children that getting a dog involves a lot of responsibility, but one father had something else in mind.

When his children asked if they could have a dog, the reluctant father agreed, but he had something of his own to say. He drew up a 13-term Family Dog Contract, wherein he explicitly laid out rules and regulations his children must follow to get a dog.

Some of the standout terms of the contract, which was posted on Reddit by rjohnstone13, are as follows:

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“Dad never has to pick up dog poop. Ever. The dog’s poop is picked up at least 3x per week by children to dad’s satisfaction.”

The dog does not slobber or have a runny nose. All parties agree that those kinds of dogs are gross.”

The dog does not receive organic, gourmet or special diet dog food. All parties agree that plain old dog food is fine.”

The dog is never referred to as a child or sibling. All parties agree that the dog is a dog.”

The dog is not included by name on the family Christmas card. Also, if there is a picture of the dog on the family Christmas card, it shall be merely incidental – i.e., the dog will not be the primary subject of a photo.”

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The contract was signed by all the members of the family, as reported by WBSTV.

The father updated his post on Reddit, saying the family did get a dog two weeks later. He said his children have been abiding to the rules of the contract. “Everyone (including Dad) adores the dog, which has been a fantastic addition to (though not member of) our family,” the father wrote.

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