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Kids Killing People Happens More Often Than Expected – Report

Kids Killing People Happens More Often Than Expected – Report
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Kids Killing People Happens More Often Than Expected – Report

There have been as many as seven reported cases in the United States since April 20 wherein toddlers of up to three years of age have shot either themselves or somebody else.

The most recent incident occurred when a Milwaukee toddler shot and killed his mother with a weapon kept in the backseat of the vehicle they were traveling in.

An analysis conducted by the Washington Post reveals that at least 23 incidents involving toddler shootings have occurred in the country since January 1. Last year, the same number stood at 18.

There have been 18 instances this year when children, upon finding the gun, shot themselves; in nine of these cases, they died from their own wounds. Five times children have shot other people, including the Milwaukee incident where the kid shot his mother, and one where a 3-year-old Alabama boy shot his 9-year-old brother.

According to gun control support group Everytown for Gun Safety, there have been at least 77 instances wherein a child younger than 18 years shot someone.

In Georgia, as many as eight incidents involving toddler shootings have occurred since January 2015. Seven such shootings have occurred in Missouri and Texas each. Florida and Michigan find themselves at the third spot, with six shootings during the same time period.

Meanwhile, a man trying to intrude and burglarize a house was shot in the leg by an 11-year-old boy. The kid, Chris Gaither, pulled a gun when he saw the intruder on the second floor of his home in Talladega, AL, and threatened to kill the intruder, New York Post reports.

The burglar probably thought the gun was fake, Gaither said, and he tried escaping with the stolen loot. But Gaither fired at the man, successfully shooting him on his leg. The unidentified burglar received non-life-threatening injuries. Gaither has not been charged.

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