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Kids Conspire To Kill Classmate With Silica Gel

Kids Conspire To Kill Classmate With Silica Gel
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Kids Conspire To Kill Classmate With Silica Gel

A plot that involved killing a fellow student with what was believed to be poison resulted in three first graders being disciplined, officials of an elementary school in Anchorage said.

The students, who believed the silica gel was poison (but is actually not toxic), are first graders at the Winterberry Charter School in Anchorage. They admitted the planning of the poisoning.

According to CBS News, the plot came to light after another student overheard it and notified a teacher. The Independent reported that the incident occurred last week. Speaking with Alaska Dispatch News, Anchorage School District spokeswoman Heidi Embley said, “The age is one of the things that is most surprising to people who were hearing about this. The kids are at such a young age. Without revealing any information as to what occurred during the investigation, there are a lot of conversations to get an understanding of what actually happened, how the students were feeling.”

The silica gel that was to be used as poison was acquired from plastic packets of silica gel from the inside of a sealed food bag. The students had intended to poison their classmate’s food. “The students had thought the packets contained poison,” Anchorage Police Department spokeswoman Jennifer Castro said. “The plot was not actually carried out,” she added.

Principal Shanna Mall said that the students will be receiving suspension. “Student safety is the top priority in the Anchorage School District and we take all threats to student safety very seriously,” Embley said.

“It is important for parents to talk with their children about speaking up when they learn of something that could potentially harm others,” Castro said, as reported by the Washington Post. “We are thankful for the student that said something to a trusted authority when they learned of the potentially harmful situation to another student,” Castro further said.

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