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Kiddle: The Kid Friendly Search Engine Using Google Safe Search

Kiddle: The Kid Friendly Search Engine Using Google Safe Search
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Kiddle: The Kid Friendly Search Engine Using Google Safe Search

Times are changing and technology is advancing. So it’s not a surprise that we start to see gadgets that are adapted to the younger generation. We’ve seen tablets and smartphones aimed for children so why not a search engine too? Here comes Kiddle, the search engine built for kids.

Most of today’s population is familiar with search engines and the internet. It is not a secret that most of the things you see online are not exactly fit for all ages. Some are too risqué and vulgar for kids. Let’s be honest, originally the internet was created for matured minds, but the world has evolved and we can’t stop it.

Ten years ago, a child using the internet might be a rare sight, now it’s a different story. It’s impossible to make children stay away from the net, but that doesn’t mean one can’t take precautions on what they might see or not.

The new search platform is called Kiddle. Some might associate it to the tech giant Google as it uses colors that the American firm is known for. However instead of the plain boring white background, it has an outer space theme instead. It is fitted with planets and a friendly robot icon, an additional eye candy for kids, reports Metro.

Being dubbed as Google for kids, this visual search engine, according to Tech Times, is powered by editors and Google safe search. It allows kids to search the web, look for images, news, and videos. How does it work? Well it works like the usual. Once a kid enters a query onto the search bar, Kiddle will pull out a list of all related links.

The search results are ranked or shown accordingly; the first three results include safe sites and pages that are written specifically for kids which are handpicked and checked by the editors. The next four results feature sites that include content written in simple language so that young kids can easily understand it; all of this are still handpicked and checked by editors.

Meanwhile, the eight results and so on are sites that are written with adults in mind but still are filtered by Google safe search. Meaning they are safe for kids, however they are a bit harder for kids to understand. The results are heavily filtered that it can be sure the search results with Kiddle will have less crude results than that found normally on standard search engines.

On Kiddle’s About Page it says that “Since Kiddle results are either handpicked and checked by our editors or filtered by Google safe search, you know you get kid-oriented results without any explicit content. In case some bad words are present in a search query, our guard robot will block the search,” assuring parents that using this search engine is indeed made for kids.

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