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Kid Shot In Baltimore Caught In Crossfire

Kid Shot In Baltimore Caught In Crossfire
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Kid Shot In Baltimore Caught In Crossfire

The nine-year-old kid who was shot in a Baltimore street during Memorial Day night was caught in the crossfire of a shooting that is still under investigation. The kid, who is now recovering from injury, was just playing outside and was obviously not the intended target.

The case of the 9-year-old boy is another indication of how the streets in Baltimore have become dangerous for its residents. The city is seeing its deadliest month following shootings that erupted during the Memorial Day Weekend. It has a total of 36 homicides in the month of May alone.

9-year-old shouts “I’m hit, I’m hit”

Robert Hall, a resident of the Arunah Ave in West Baltimore, said he heard gunshots and thereafter heard a boy shouting: “It hurt, it hurt, it hurt. I’m hit, I’m hit.”

“He was screaming, and I’m thinking in my mind, normally you hear someone say hit you think this of war, but for a child to say, it’s unacceptable man,” Hall told CBS Baltimore.

Hall immediately recognized the boy. He is Eli, a son of his friend. Hall immediately came towards Eli to give first aid.

“Eli ran across the street, he was shot, sat him down, got a towel, comforted him until the ambulance came,” Hall recalled.

Hall said he is now considering leaving the city with his family. He said with the dangers that lurk around the city these days, the next bullet might hit his two sons.

“I’ve lived in the city all my life and this is  not the first time I’ve seen someone get shot, but this is the first time I’ve seen a child shot and it happened right here. A child that my kids play with every day and it easily could have been one of my sons,” he said.

May becomes deadliest month for Baltimore

Baltimore saw 35 homicides just within the whole month of May, CNN reported citing police statistics. The last time that Baltimore gets a record high in homicides was in November of 1999.

There have already been 108 homicides in total for this period of 2015 as compared to the same period of 2014 which only recorded 79 homicides according to police data. There have also been 205 non-fatal shootings this year as compared to 115 in 2014.

Officials were saying that the record-high violence this month is a result of the riots and protests that took place in the wake of Freddie Gray’s Death. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said the high rate of violence should not be the status quo. She could only hope that the police and the Baltimore community will find peace in order to achieve justice for those who were killed.

Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said its takes more than calling for the community and police to support each other. He said police cannot ask for the community’s support on demand.

“We have to go out and earn their trust,” he said.


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