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Kickstarter Marks $1 Billion in Crowd Funding Pledges

Kickstarter Marks $1 Billion in Crowd Funding Pledges


Kickstarter Marks $1 Billion in Crowd Funding Pledges

Kickstarter is the place where people get funding and backing on their projects online. Anyone can post and describe the business idea and if it clicks to the people, they will start pledging funds to it. The site is marking over $1 billion for personal projects. It will help you a great deal in your projects. Some interesting insights are there as to how money is being passed as discussed below.

Ever since its inception in April 2009, Kickstarter is gathering quite a lot of attention in the crowd funding arena. It might be considered as the leader of this game. This claim was solidified on Monday, when the company reached the milestone of $1 billion for pledge on personal projects.

An astonishing figure about the rising popularity of Kickstarter is that half of the $1 billion have been invested in last twelve months alone. This fact clearly shows the growth of the company in crowd funding niches.

Going beneath the statistics, 224 countries containing 5.7 million people have contributed to the total amount of fund raising. Among these countries, US is the leader with $663 million money for pledges, followed by UK for $54 million. In this way, UK swipes more than half of the pledges in the whole world.

In addition to the individual projects, some people have pledged more than one project from Kickstarter. Around 15,932 people have pledged for more than 50 projects, considering the reliability and popularity of Kickstarter. In short, $619 million have been pledged by the returning backers.

Some interesting statistics about the pledging of projects reveal that Wednesday is the most successful day for the pledges, and you are ought to get more money in the first half of the month for your projects than the second half. Users from all the continents have pledged money for their projects.

It is very difficult to compare the growth of the Kickstarter with other companies, since it is making progress by leaps and bounds. It is acting like a trailblazer in crowd funding. Its practice is now hitting the main stream.

No doubt, Kickstarter is helping people all over the world in making their projects successful with unbiased behavior. If you have innovative projects in your mind, and don’t have resources to initiate then you don’t need to worry now. Kickstarter will initiate your project in the most effective manner.

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