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Kickstarter Hacked! Change Your Passwords

Kickstarter Hacked! Change Your Passwords


Kickstarter Hacked! Change Your Passwords

If you are a Kickstarter, then you might have to change the passwords since company has revealed the security breach of its servers. It is a crowd-funding platform that suffered from the security breach.

Kickstarter sent an email this afternoon informing that the hackers have accessed and compromised their data. Although, credit card information was not included in hacking, yet the company is advising the users to change the passwords on this forum as well as on other forums where this password is used.

Kickstarter is a crowd funding site for plethora of projects that include books, movies, arts, other new products. The company didn’t hide about the breach even though that may have put their reputation and fame at stake. However, they didn’t compromise the privacy of the customers that is their top priority. Other companies must follow the similar transparent approach.

The information accessed contains the email addresses, phone numbers, usernames, mailing addresses, and encrypted passwords. The company claims that actual passwords are not revealed, but it is quite possible that some person with enough computational skills may decrypt the encrypted passwords particularly in the case of weak or obvious ones.

Kickstarter CEO, Yancey Strickler was apologizing for this security breach. He said that they maintain high standards in implementation of security procedures. This incident is really frustrating and upsetting for them. They have improved their security features and measures in a number of ways. They are working in collaboration with the law enforcement and they are trying to avoid such a security breach in the future.

In order to change the password, simply go to the site of Kickstarter, log in to your account and click on the banner of ‘Change Password’ on top of the screen. Then choose an appropriate password for logging into the site in the future.

The news of hacking was released following the information from the law enforcement agencies that hackers have privately accessed customer information on Wednesday night this week.

A staff member of the Kickstarter said that the passwords of the old users are encrypted using salted SHAI on the site. However, the new passwords utilize a novel method called as ‘bcrypt’ that may even be safer.

If you are a Kickstarter user then it is highly recommended to change your password to a strong one generated by tools like Lasspass or 1Password.

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