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Kickass Torrents Shut Down: It Means Nothing For Online Piracy

Kickass Torrents Shut Down: It Means Nothing For Online Piracy
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Kickass Torrents Shut Down: It Means Nothing For Online Piracy

The crackdown on Kickass Torrents sent ripples across the internet as one of the most popular torrent sites was taken down by authorities. Site founder Artem Vaulin was also taken into custody in Poland and is now awaiting extradition to the United States.

There are many who are wondering why such drastic actions were necessary, after all, no one’s getting hurt right? Well, that’s not really the case if you’re the one producing the content that is being illegally downloaded.

Creating content, movies, games, software, takes time. Time and money to be exact and the latter is recovered through sales of said content. Copyright law was created to protect these producers and the assets they produce.

Kickass Torrents was taken down on charges regarding the illegal distribution of over $1 billion worth of copyrighted material. Who knew the gigabytes of date currently stored in your hard drive could be worth so much.

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But will cracking down on the site bring down online piracy? Not likely, after all, this isn’t the first time a popular torrent was taken down for similar reasons.

In fact, KAT became popular due to one of the big boys in its niche receiving the same treatment it experiences now. Talk about mammals being the dominant life form after the dinosaurs went extinct.

We believe that everybody is still familiar with The Pirate Bay? The downfall of the site was the reason KAT rose to prominence.

And before Pirate Bay there was Supernova. The crackdown on this popular Slovenia-based torrent site was the reason The Pirate Bay became the talk of the town.

See a pattern here? Taking down torrent sites won’t solve the problem; it will only cause another site to take its place.

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Then there’s the BitTorrent protocol which has been the accessory to the crime so to speak. It’s the most common method of downloading large files and has been used not just by pirates but also big corporations.

Surely there are a lot of gamers who have used BitTorrent outside the realms of illegal downloads. Blizzard has been using the system to distribute game updates and patches to its users for years.

Unlike drugs, whose use, possession, and distribution can be made illegal, BitTorrent isn’t a product which can easily be banned. It’s a system, a concept, an idea, and you can’t simply confiscate an idea.

As long as BitTorrent is around, more sites will pop up serving up pirated contents to the masses. The protocol is the gun that lets you rob the bank, and as long as pirates have it, sure they can get captured, but they can still rob the bank.

The appeal of illegal downloads is not just because it’s free, in many parts of the world, torrenting is the only way to obtain the files they wanted. Pirates believe that what they are doing is right, is an illegal, Robin Hoodish sort of way.

So in conclusion, sure the Feds might take down this torrent site, heck they can take down as much as they can. But in the end, the piracy will never stop.

As long as there is a means, and people who are brave enough to play hide and seek with the system, another Kickass Torrents will definitely rise up and take its place.

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