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Kevin Durant Signs With Golden State Warriors: This Kid Will Punch Him In The Face!

Kevin Durant Signs With Golden State Warriors: This Kid Will Punch Him In The Face!
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Kevin Durant Signs With Golden State Warriors: This Kid Will Punch Him In The Face!

Kevin Durant leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder has caused an upset in the world of basketball.

Several Thunder fans, upset over Durant’s transfer to Golden State Warriors, have expressed their dismay – including a kid.

When a young Thunder fan was told that Durant would be transferring to the Warriors, he cried his eyes out. As reported by Fan Sided, the kid, who breaks down after he finds out from his father that Durant did not re-sign with the Thunder, does not like Warriors; such is his angst that he wants to punch the basketball sportsman.

Watch the video of the kid at the bottom of the story.

With the most recent development, Warriors became one of the favorites to clinch the championship next year. The addition of one of the league’s most renowned player and former MVP, the roster which already contains two-time MVP Steph Curry and All-NBA players Draymond Green and Klay Thompson will be looking to win the championship after losing a seven game finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Durant’s decision also affects San Antonio, which – finishing with impressive 67 victories last season – fell further behind. Durant is transferring to a side that defeated Thunder in the Western Conference Finals. Fan Sided notes when LeBron James transferred to Miami Heat during the 2010 off season, Heat was not the team that had beaten Cavaliers.

According to USA Today, as part of the 2011 lockout, stricter restrictions were imposed on the collective bargaining agreement, which constituted tougher financial penalties for any team that spent more than the luxury tax line.

According to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, “Creating a system that allows every team I’d say the equality — an equal opportunity to compete for championships. I think we’re never going to have NFL-style parity in this league. It is the nature of this league that certain players are so good that those teams are likely almost automatically if that player remains healthy to become playoff teams and especially mixed with other great players.”

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