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Kesha Reportedly Lying About Dr. Luke, Medical Records Release Will Be “Extreme Embarrassment”

Kesha Reportedly Lying About Dr. Luke, Medical Records Release Will Be “Extreme Embarrassment”

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Kesha Reportedly Lying About Dr. Luke, Medical Records Release Will Be “Extreme Embarrassment”

Is Kesha lying about Dr. Luke? There are speculations that the 29-year-old singer maybe fearful of the fact that if her medical records are released, it can prove her lies.

Kesha claims that the release of her medical documents would be “extreme embarrassment,” Daily Star reports. The singer has accused Dr Luke of sexually, physically and emotionally abusing her for the entire decade she worked with him.

However, Dr. Luke has rubbished all claims by the “Die Young” singer. He said via a tweet that he never raped or had sex with the singer.

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Now the two are in another legal standoff. Kesha has requested a New York judge to issue a protective order on her medical records, preventing them from being publicly released.

According to Daily Star, the intimate information contains the singer’s gynecological, psychiatric and rehabilitation records. If the singer is lucky and if the judge agrees, all the information in her medical document will remain safeguarded.

This would be the case even if Dr Luke’s legal team uses the documents. The singer’s lawyers reportedly filed court papers on Monday.

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The order if it comes through will prevent Dr. Luke and his legal team from leaking “potentially sensitive information about her medical history during their ongoing sexual assault lawsuit,” Rolling Stone reports.

The order request comes in the wake of the producer’s lawyer Christine Lepra claiming that the singer cannot demand privacy, due to the public nature of the case.

“Because Kesha made public accusations and in the case that she was allegedly harmed by Dr. Luke, the Court ordered her to produce her medical records. Now, Kesha wants to hide her records, while continuing to make self-serving, selective and misleading statements to hurt my clients publicly,” the lawyer told People.

Dr Luke’s lawyer said that it was for the court to decide whether Kesha’s medical information should remain confidential. She added that they have offered to keep her medical records confidential.

Dr Luke’s attorney said that Kesha’s lawyers declined the offer and filed a misleading motion. Kesha was asked to submit her medical records in September.

Dr Luke is counter-suing Kesha for breach of contract and defamation. The high-profile sexual abuse case will be up for hearing in court on Sunday.

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