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Kesha, The Biggest Surprise Of Coachella Music Festival

Kesha, The Biggest Surprise Of Coachella Music Festival
Kesha in concert at the United States Naval Academy. Matthew Wittkopp/Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA

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Kesha, The Biggest Surprise Of Coachella Music Festival

Kesha was the biggest surprise on the Coachella Music Festival. The singer made an appearance on the stage set for Zedd to perform the hit song of the DJ, “True Color.”

Kesha took the festival by storm as she delivered a fascinating performance onstage. The crowd was truly excited to see her performing so powerfully despite losing the case against Dr. Luke.

Los Angeles Times reported that Kesha did not speak to the crowd. However, the fans got her message through her song. The lyrics went, “I won’t apologize for the fire in my eyes, Let me show you my true colors.”

Just Jarred reported that there were already rumors that morning about Kesha performing at the festival. The speculations intensified when the singer posted on Instagram, “Here we come. 4 hours and counting…somewhere over America…eek!!!!” She posted a picture with her hair colored in pink, blue and purple and she appeared to be in her private airplane, E! News reported.

Zedd also mentioned, “COACHELLA. Saturday. 9:30 pm. Don’t miss this. I have something big planned. Be there or stream it.” Fans were expecting Kesha on the show and it was rightly fulfilled. Kesha delivered a meaningful and powerful performance to the audience.

The song, “True Color” was rumored to be sung by Kesha before Zedd released it back in May, 2015. In the end, the vocalist came to be Tim James, a name not quite known.

The singer has received a lot of support following her legal battle with Dr. Luke. Many singers from the industry showed their support. Zedd came forward and offered to produce a song for the 29-years-old singer who is known for her strong vocals, as reported by Billboard magazine.

Zedd wrote, “@KeshaRose very very sorry to hear about your whole situation,” adding, “I’ll be happy to produce a song for you if you want my help.”

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