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Kendall Jenner Furious With Rob Kardashian For Prioritizing Blac Chyna Over Her?

Kendall Jenner Furious With Rob Kardashian For Prioritizing Blac Chyna Over Her?
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Kendall Jenner Furious With Rob Kardashian For Prioritizing Blac Chyna Over Her?

“I’m so mad!” this was what Kendall Jenner told Rob Kardashian when she discovered that he had given his girlfriend the christmas present she gave him. The whole conversation was seen and heard on a new clip for the upcoming 12th season of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

In the sneak peek, the 20- year- old Kendall was hanging out with sister, Kylie Jenner who was talking with Kim Kardashian over the phone. Kim was chatting about their brother’s girlfriend, Blac Chyna.

When Kendall demanded to know what Rob gave her, Kylie informed her that it was an iPad. As stated in People, Kendall was shocked when she discovered it was the same iPad she gave him and said, “The big one? The massive one? I gave that to him for Christmas!”

Kylie then asked her if she also gave him a keyboard. At that point, Kendall confirmed she gave him an iPad along with a keyboard and a pen over Christmas. “Kim, you’re going to die right now. He regifted Kendall’s gift,” Kylie told their older sister over the phone.

“I’m so mad! I would have given that to someone else!” Kendall was now furious. In the on- camera interview, Kendall said that their brother is dating someone with a bad history with their family. “And he fully regifted my gift. On top of that, it’s so annoying to find out through social media because his girlfriend posted it – like, there are some things that just aren’t cool, and I don’t think this is very cool,” she added.

She then called her brother Rob as insisted by her sisters. And once he picked up she told him that she wanted the iPad back along with the other two things she gave him. Daily Mail reported, she told him “Because if you’re not going to use it, I have someone who actually really is dying for it.” Rob then answered her that was the only present she gave him her entire life.

Rob frustrated her more by telling her that the whole thing was hilarious and she could buy her own iPad with her $12 million net worth. “You’re hilarious! Buy it yourself, you moron!” he told her sister who then hung up.

Kylie, who was listening all throughout the conversation told her sister that she should have told him he was wrong. The 18- year- old called a truce last week with the former love of boyfriend Tyga. Blac Chyna was formerly engaged and shared a son with Tyga.

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