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Ken Bone Facts: Future TV Shows, Personal Life And Work In Real Life

Ken Bone Facts: Future TV Shows, Personal Life And Work In Real Life
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Ken Bone Facts: Future TV Shows, Personal Life And Work In Real Life

Undecided voter Ken Bone, who was elected to ask a question at the town hall presidential debate between presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, will be making his way to the ABC late-night show via video on Kimmel’s Wall of America.

Bone, a 34 year old operator at a coal plant from Illinois, was seen clicking pictures on a disposable camera following the debate. His red sweater, which he was wearing during the event, has delighted those who watched the debate.

Ken Bone: Undecided voter interviewed by media outlets like New York Times and CNN following debate.

Bone was selected to ask a question to the nominees in the second presidential debate. “What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job layoffs?” he asked.

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As reported by Deadline, Bone’s “approach and appearance sent social media into a fawning frenzy thanks to his name, his thoughtfulness and his civility in a dust-up that had certainly lacked the latter.” Following the debate, he was seen clicking pictures of the nominees with a small camera; and has even been interviewed by media outlets like the New York Times and CNN.

“It got very uncomfortable from up close. But if you can dig through some of the rhetoric and some of the name calling that went on, I think there really were some substantive answers,” he said in an interview. “It’s just unfortunate that we have to wade through so much to get to them.”

As reported by Politico, Bone said while he did not know Trump had invited a few women on Sunday’s debate who alleged that former President Bill Clinton either raped or made sexual advances towards them, he thought the move was “uncalled” for. Nevertheless, he added it probably would not change his decision as to who he will be voting in November. Bill Clinton, meanwhile, has denied the allegations.

Ken Bone: “A bit let down” by personal attacks during debate.

Bone said he was “a bit let down” by the series of personal attacks during the debate. “There were a lot [of personal attacks] from both sides,” Bone said. “But I feel like Mr. Trump did a lot more of the talking over and the personal attacks.”

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He said, by his question, he wished to “spark a debate about subsidies for environmental controls for older coal–fired power plants.”

“I’m just glad I was able to spark the energy debate a little bit,” he said, as reported by New York Times. “It was kind of getting overlooked.”

In addition to receiving scores of interview requests, his following on social media has increased massively. He received many requests on Facebook and the followers on his Twitter account (@kenbone18) have escalated dramatically.

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