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Keith Lamont Scott, Lyric Scott: Father And Daughter At Center Of Charlotte Uprising (Facts, Photos)

Keith Lamont Scott, Lyric Scott: Father And Daughter At Center Of Charlotte Uprising (Facts, Photos)
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Keith Lamont Scott, Lyric Scott: Father And Daughter At Center Of Charlotte Uprising (Facts, Photos)

On Tuesday, a police officer fatally shot a 43-year-old black man, Keith Lamont Scott, at an apartment complex in Charlotte.

After the shooting took place in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday afternoon, protests have been initiated by members of the community.

The victim of the gunshot, Keith Lamont Scott, was identified by neighbors and family. It was also reported by his his family that he was disabled.

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According to FOX News, the officer who shot the 43-year-old African American man had been identified on Tuesday night as Officer Brentley Vinson. The shooting was followed by standard procedure, which is administered on any officer involved in shooting. Officer Vinson has been placed on paid administrative leave.

The incident took place when officers were trying to serve an arrest warrant, but the man shot was not the person they were trying to take into custody. However, police said Keith Lamont Scott was armed; a gun was recovered at the scene by detectives.

The victim’s family disputed police’s statements about the shooting. They said he was waiting for his son to come home from school when police came into the apartment complex and shot him.

The family also said he was reading a book in his car while waiting. According to the victim’s brother, the officer who shot him was undercover and was in plainclothes.

According to Associated Press, Vinson, who shot the 43-year-old African American, was also black.

Keith Lamont Scott had seven children and was married to Rakeyia Scott.

“My family is devastated by the shooting death of my husband, Keith. Keith was a loving husband, father, brother and friend who will be deeply missed every day. As a family, we respect the rights of those who wish to protest, but we ask that people protest peacefully,” Rakeyia said in a statement.

The victim’s daughter, Lyric Scott, published a video of her after the shooting. The one-hour video was from the scene of the shooting. The video shows confrontations with police and the unhinged emotions of a family who had lost a father and brother, according to the Charlotte Observer.

In the video, she claims her father was reading a book inside the car and was not armed. She also claims her father was first Tasered then shot four times. The video has gone viral.

Social media uprising began. Several people are showing support for Lyric, many had never met the girl or her father. Lyric also attended the protest march against police. There, she was advised by the protesters to “document everything.”

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