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In Keeping With The Netflix Era: SNL to Cut Back on Ads by 30%

In Keeping With The Netflix Era: SNL to Cut Back on Ads by 30%
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In Keeping With The Netflix Era: SNL to Cut Back on Ads by 30%

When a show is targeting a younger set of audience, it has to do its bit to get into the mindset of that generation in order to retain their interests. And since the present generation are predominantly composed of internet users who are not used to tolerating frequent, lengthy commercials while watching their favorite shows, iconic shows such as Saturday Night Live, better known as SNL, has decided to cut back on advertisement time by 30% starting next season.

According to Ad Age, NBC is all set to reduce the run time of advertisements during SNL to make more room for airing sketches. The show itself was of 30 odd minutes which previously accommodated about 3 to 4 commercials distributed at regular intervals, which ate up about 8 to 10 minutes of the show. The decision means that about 6 more minutes will be added to the original run time of the show, without the ads, paving the way for the inclusion of more content.

Even though the reason behind such a decision has not been clarified by NBC, Engadget states the probable cause as internet sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Internet channels such as these, stream shows without the hindrance of ads taking away all the fun. Hence, people who subscribed to these websites rarely have the patience anymore to sit through a ton of commercials every time they sit to watch their favorite television program.

When it comes to SNL for instance, reportedly 1 to 2 million people prefer watching the individual sketches after they have been uploaded on YouTube the following day, rather than watching the show in its entirety when it is originally broadcasted on the television. The cutting back on ads is a clever device for the creators of SNL to try and draw more internet users back to watching shows on the good old television.

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