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‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’: Kim Reportedly Hates Khloe’s New Boy Toy

‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’: Kim Reportedly Hates Khloe’s New Boy Toy
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‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’: Kim Reportedly Hates Khloe’s New Boy Toy

Forget “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Keeping up with the list of changing boyfriends of one particular Kardashian is hard enough as it is! After Lamar and James Harden, who has Khloe Kardashian set her eyes on now?

Khloe and Odell

Ever since news broke out that Khloe had refiled for divorce with her estranged husband, Lamar Odom, paparazzi have been following her like hawks to capture her reaction post-separation. However, what they discovered was definitely not what they were expecting.

Not only has Khloe moved on from her unsuccessful marriage; she has chosen a candidate to replace Lamar, too! TMZ managed to obtain snaps from Drake’s pool party in Hidden Hills, which showcases Khloe getting a little too intimate with Odell Beckham Jr., famous NY Giants player. According to TMZ sources, they appeared to be “a couple” and were “definitely into each other.”

From the past choices of men Khloe decided to date, Odell certainly fits the category. However, there is one Kardashian sister who is not happy at Khloe’s PDA towards the NFL star.

An exclusive source told Hollywood Life that “Kim is giving Khloe a warning, stay away from athletes! Kim is nervous for her sister and is warning her to move on from Odell before things get too serious. Kim has seen Khloe go through too many failed relationships with athletes and she doesn’t want Khloe to get hurt again.”

Khloe Kardashian News

This does make sense, since Khloe is known to fall for basketball players, too fast, too soon, in the past, none of which stick around after a point of time.

The unnamed source further added, “Kim is trying to encourage Khloe to meet a nice guy who does not play ball across the country where groupies throw themselves at them in every town they stop. Kim has given Khloe some stern love advice to protect her from herself. Kim wants Khloe to find someone who is closer to her own age, a guy who is ready to settle down, someone who is not an athlete, someone who knows how to be loyal and a guy who is ready to start a family.”

Guess Kim has had to learn the hard way, having survived two broken relationships with basketball players Reggie Bush and Kris Humphreys before getting married to her soul mate Kanye West, who is from the music industry. She just wants Khloe not to repeat her own mistakes.

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