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Keeping The Connection: Long-Distance Relationships

Keeping The Connection: Long-Distance Relationships


Keeping The Connection: Long-Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships didn’t seem so difficult at first glance, but when I finally got a taste of it, it sure is tough.

Long-distance relationships didn’t seem so difficult at first glance, but when I finally got a taste of it, it sure is tough.

I came over to the UK with a girlfriend left back at home. Man, I tell you, parting in the airport was surreal. I hate goodbyes, and I would like to assume that everyone else does. After a couple of weeks here, I was still wiping drops of salty water off my chubby cheeks, to be honest. It was throbbing, and putting up that picture frame on the windowsill was too hefty of a task. Looking back, I remember being so tempted to take the next flight home. The weather was so sick, and the streets were so quiet. I used to think then that I was in a live cooking show not as a chef but as the main ingredient being stirred and tossed about.

Starting anew abroad is no joke. If you have surpassed the gruesome labor of packing your things and getting past airport terminals, good job. But then you still have more mazes to go around, and they seem endless. I hope there will come a time when I would get the guts to say that I have settled down. I know that only time will tell, but God is behind me, so I can sit back and just head on with it.

If you ever plan to go out of the country to work, brace yourself. With great opportunities come greater sacrifices. A Spider-Man line thwarts the mood right there, but it still draws the point quite nicely.

Let me take you to another side of the story. I wouldn’t promise freeing those butterflies in your stomach, but I have grasped a few good things. First, being away from your special someone tests your faithfulness and devotion to each other. Thank God for technology that we don’t have to scribble on paper and wait for a month to get the message across. That would have killed me, but hats off to our grannies who solely relied on telegram for communication decades ago and still have great love stories to tell. I know that it would be infuriating at some point that you can only stare at her on the screen and not hold her. But come on, we have been given so much. Let’s start being grateful for this. All we need is a good monitor, and the chats are unlimited. Quite a good deal!

Another catch would be to grow as individuals separately for a period, in preparation for a lifetime together if you plan on getting married. This is true to me as we will be tying the knot soon by God’s grace. It is very important to spend quality time finding yourself before the big day. It is equally important to realize how much you lack without her. And only she can fill that chasm.

Get ready for this one: Trust 101 is a major subject you have to take, or you will never graduate. Like school, first days are always sprightly, but as soon as exam weeks get closer, you will begin to feel the rush. You will have to update each other, especially that she doesn’t know your new environment and the new people you have met. The tides are high, but as soon as all modules have been learned, both of you will come out pros with flying colors! Understanding is the key word, folks. Not that we have mastered this, but we are working on it.

Distance is just a word used to describe how far you are from a certain point or person. It has never been more than that. So to speak, it doesn’t change a person nor an established situation. I know it can be used as a cause to complicate things but you can never allow it to craft a gap between yourself and the person you have pledged commitment with. Not just to our partners but also to our families who are always there for us.

Some would count the days, months and years away from home as “lost time,” but I beg to disagree, for in our hearts of hearts, we always keep those pockets of love and endearment. No matter where we are in the globe, we are connected. No distance can break the strongest of relationships. It can only make them grander.

So take heart and keep the lines busy. Never grow weary, for you are not alone in this voyage. In time, all of our efforts will be paid off.

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About Mark Jason Granada

Mark Jason Granada is an overseas Filipino worker in the UK who writes about his experiences and those of other Filipinos. He is hoping to reach out to a larger audience to help ease the "homesickness" that workers abroad experience all year round.

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