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Katy Perry’s ‘Rise’ Music Video Might Have Briefly Broken YouTube’s Views Meter

Katy Perry’s ‘Rise’ Music Video Might Have Briefly Broken YouTube’s Views Meter
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Katy Perry’s ‘Rise’ Music Video Might Have Briefly Broken YouTube’s Views Meter

Katy Perry’s “Rise” Music Video launched on YouTube with a bang, with more people tuning in to watch the pop star perform Rio Olympics 2016 theme song than YouTube could handle. Did Katy Perry Just break YouTube’s views counting meter?

After reaching a whopping 469,493 views in just a matter of hours on YouTube, Katy Perry’s “Rise” Music Video was stuck at that particular number of views, no matter how many times one refreshed the page.

This went on for quite a few hours with people in the comments section pointing it out that there seems to be something wrong with the YouTube views counter.

The reason of the glitch was unknown, though it could have been due the overwhelming hype that was created around the release of the video.

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Katy Perry’s “Rise” Music Video

Katy Perry’s “Rise” received its fair share of hype with the Rio Olympics 2016 selecting it as its theme song. But the promotion for the music video did not stop there. Katy Perry’s current love interest also had a huge hand to play in its promotion.

When Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry decided to spend a romantic getaway in Italy, the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” star decided to strip down to his birthday suit and go skinny-dipping in the waters, reports E!

What the unabashed actor did not account for was a group of paparazzi taking full frontal photos of him, which would become the cause of much ridicule on social media.

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Orlando Bloom “Rise” Jokes

A popular theory was spun that the alternate message of Katy Perry’s “Rise” was all about Orlando Bloom’s manhood. Many people also contemplated on whether Orlando Bloom’s nude photos were a carefully planned PR stunt for Katy Perry’s “Rise” music video release (since it took place barely a week before the release).

If it was, then it managed to hit its goal spot on. Even though the YouTube views glitch was eventually resolved, it did prove that Katy Perry’s “Rise” is definitely going to be a big hit.

Katy Perry’s “Rise” is an inspirational song about how determination and perseverance can make someone attain heights of success in his/her life, reports Rolling Stone.

Watch Katy Perry’s “Rise” Music Video below!

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