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Katy Perry Allegedly In Illuminati: Her Parents Beg People To Pray For Her – Report

Katy Perry Allegedly In Illuminati: Her Parents Beg People To Pray For Her – Report
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Katy Perry Allegedly In Illuminati: Her Parents Beg People To Pray For Her – Report

Katy Perry’s rumored involvement with the Illuminati organization has led her parents to plead that people “pray” for her instead of judging her for supporting anti-Christian views.

Katy Perry’s parents have finally spoken out and whatever they have to say about the singer is not pretty. Both of Katy’s parents are ministers of the church and hence regard Christian values very high.

However, noticing Katy’s choice of song lyrics and music videos, the same cannot be said for her as well. Throughout her career, Katy has displayed bold and liberal sentiments in her compositions, including the song which made her famous – “I Kissed a Girl.”

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“When ‘I Kissed A Girl’ came out we thought about moving to Venezuela because of the shame,” stated her parents.

Accusations of Katy Perry being involved in the secret, anti-Christian organization known as the Illuminati started when she came out with her music video for the song “Dark Horse.”

A number of YouTubers had a field day pointing out how the “Dark Horse” video was filled with trademark Illuminati symbols such as the all-seeing eye, pyramids, and serpents. Even though there is no physical evidence that Katy had ever joined Illuminati in the past, some of the hints in her videos have led people to believe that she is.

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However, all of that is now in the past, and even though her parents accept that they did have their differences with their daughter, they are now quite proud of her achievements. They also pointed out that no parent-child relationship is without its fair share of disappointments, reports Radar Online.

And they implored people to encourage her towards the right path, reports The Hollywood Gossip: “Don’t judge her, pray for her. She’s going to be singing ‘Rise‘ for the Olympics this year. We’re very proud of it and her.”

One day, they hope that Katy Perry will find her way back to her roots and accept Christianity and its teachings with all her heart.

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