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Katie Ledecky Smashes Own World Record: Photos, Video Of Swimmer In 2016 Rio Olympics

Katie Ledecky Smashes Own World Record: Photos, Video Of Swimmer In 2016 Rio Olympics
Rio de Janeiro – A nadadora norte-americana Katie Ledecky, medalhista de ouro em Londres, concede entrevista no Parque Olímpico dos Jogos Rio 2016 (Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil) Agência Brasil Fotografias CC

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Katie Ledecky Smashes Own World Record: Photos, Video Of Swimmer In 2016 Rio Olympics

Sunday night saw America earning its first swimming gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Katie Ledecky clinched victory in the 400 meter freestyle, finishing the contest in a world record time of 3:56:46. She has surpassed her own world record of 3:58:37.

“To see the 56 up there feels really good,” she said, referring to her time.

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Jazz Carlin of Great Britain finished second, lagging by a margin of almost five seconds. Carlin completed the swim in 4:01:23. Leah Smith of America came in third with 4:01:92.

As reported by Yahoo Sports, with her most recent victory, Ledecky becomes the only female swimmer to complete the contest within 3:59. She has earned her second Olympic gold medal. The previous one was from the 800 meter freestyle at the 2012 London Olympics. Overall, she has won three medals, including a silver medal in the 4×100 meters freestyle at the current Olympics competition.

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Ledecky has also become the first American in 16 years to bag a gold medal in the 400 meters freestyle. It is also the first time in 16 years two American female swimmers achieved the first three positions. In 2000 Sydney Olympics, Brooke Bennett and Diana Munz finished first and second respectively in the same event.

While Ledecky had already beaten her other world records in the past year – the 800 meters freestyle and 1,500 meters freestyle, not included as an Olympic event for women – the 400 meters freestyle was one she hadn’t, as reported by

If Ledecky finishes first in 200 meters freestyle through 800 meters freestyle, she will become the first female swimmer to achieve gold in all events since Debbie Meyer of America in 1968.

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