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Katheryn Winnick As Black Canary For DCEU! Vikings Actress Reveals Her Interest

Katheryn Winnick As Black Canary For DCEU! Vikings Actress Reveals Her Interest
Lagertha from Vikings / Facebook


Katheryn Winnick As Black Canary For DCEU! Vikings Actress Reveals Her Interest

Since Katheryn Winnick played her role as Lagertha in the “Vikings”, the actress revealed that she is capable of transforming herself into any historical or fictional character. Currently her role in the TV series is as primary as the main cast known as Ragnar (played by Travis Fimmel).

Recently, a tweet from a fan has revealed that Winnick is ready to take on a role in feature films as well. Moreover, it’s possible that the actress could be eyeing for a fictional character.

Katheryn Winnick To Be Black Canary For DCEU?

A fan urged the actress to answer “If DC make a movie about the green arrow would you like to play the black canary?” Fortunately, her response was to the fan’s favor.

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Winnick replied “Hell ya” to the tweet. Fans can check it out below.

Black Canary a.k.a Dinah has been one of Green Arrow’s closest crime fighting partners in DC Universe. Moreover, the superhero was also romantically involved with the vigilante as well.

Black Canary To Star With Harley Quinn In ‘Birds Of Prey’?

Black Canary is mostly known for her “Canary Cry” ability. The attack is capable of shattering metal through a sonic shout.

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Black Canary made her first appearance in the cinematic world on “Arrow” TV Series. The character was first played by Caity Lotz and the role was later taken over by Katie Cassidy.

Unfortunately, Black Canary played by Katie Cassidy was recently killed off from the show. However, it looks like Winnick might have the opportunity to bring the character to life in DCEU.

Black Canary has also been a member of “Birds of Prey” in DC Comics. Recently, it was revealed that “Birds of Prey” will soon begin its production under Warner Bros.

While Harley Quinn is the only confirmed cast member for the movie, Black Canary also has the possibility to appear in the film. currently there has been no official announcements on the casting for the movie yet.

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