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Kate Middleton Secret Concoction For Slim Post-baby Figure Revealed

Kate Middleton Secret Concoction For Slim Post-baby Figure Revealed
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Kate Middleton Secret Concoction For Slim Post-baby Figure Revealed

Kate Middleton is downing glass after glass of green smoothie made by sister Pippa Middleton to stay slim even just after giving birth to Prince Charlotte. The Duchess of Cambridge is also regularly spotted buying organic produce believably mixed in her Nutribullet.

Pippa Middleton concocts green juice for sister Kate Middleton

A household insider told US Weekly that Pippa Middleton delivers fresh green juices to the 33-year-old Duchess everyday. The Duchess is reportedly drinking these green smoothies every morning to maintain the slim figure she has even after giving birth.

“Pippa arranged to have fresh juices delivered to Kate every three days. It was a surprise treat. Kate used to blend her own juices and this is much easier,” the source told US Weekly.

“She just enjoys green juice in the morning. It’s Kate’s go-to for an extra boost,” the source said.

Pippa is actually working to get a degree as a nutritionist. Her insights on healthy eating is much valued not just by sister Kate but also by Prince William, UK Weekly reported. Pippa is reportedly in the process of publishing a book on healthy eating.

“Pippa was the one who got them into juicing. They all love it!” the source said.

Kate Middleton frequents organic market

The Duchess of Cambridge is also seen regularly at the Back to the Garden, which sells organic produce. The shop is located in the small charming town of Anmer with a reported population of only 63 people.

The residents are not fussing over the Duchess, hence her affinity with the town.

“People give her space. No one is rushing over to ask for selfies,” another source told US Weekly.

Kate Middleton stays loyal to her Nutribullet

The organic produce which the Duchess buys are turned into fresh smoothie using her Nutribullet, local media are reporting. The machine, similar in look to juicers and blenders, is in demand in the UK. One Nutribullet is sold every thirty seconds, The Independent reported.

According to Nutribullet’s website, the machine is capable of breaking down fruits, vegetables and nuts into their most absorbable states. Its advantage over juicers and blenders is that it contains nutrition extractors that break down the cell walls of fibrous plant foods, releasing important vitamins and minerals. The nutrition extractors can also break down fiber, pulp and seeds into a “smooth-as-silk texture.”

“More than juicing, more than blending, and more than chewing, nutrition extraction allows you to receive the highest degree of nutrition your food has to offer,” the website boasts.

Colin Sapire, CEO of a Los Angeles based company that owns Nutribullet, said the machine is more than just a health fad.

“It’s not that it’s a hip item. It’s become a hip thing because it’s a unit that makes it very easy to eat healthy foods,” she said.


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