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Kate Middleton Disgusts Queen Elizabeth: Having Mental Health Problems A Weakness?

Kate Middleton Disgusts Queen Elizabeth: Having Mental Health Problems A Weakness?
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Kate Middleton Disgusts Queen Elizabeth: Having Mental Health Problems A Weakness?

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly disgusted with Kate Middleton. The latter told the world that she will seek help if either Prince George or Princess Charlotte were in need of help ever.

For Kate and Prince William mental health has been a cause that is very close to their hearts. The royal couple understand the importance of emotional well-being for a child from a very young age, Mirror UK reports.

They have been championing the cause that children should be able to open up to their parents if and when they needed help and to share everything. However, for the first time queen is agreeing with Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

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The nonagenarian royal and the 68-year-old duchess do not feel that royals need the support of psychiatrists. Kate and William have not taken to their royal duties full-time.

Queen Elizabeth has made a leeway for them to work as part-time royals. The 90-year-old never had the luxury herself as a young mother and monarch, Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports.

The British monarch may have empathized with her great grand daughter-in-law. So with Kate Middleton and Prince William spending time with their George and Charlotte, mental health should not be a problem for them.

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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, or for that matter Camilla may have had problems of their own, but they have never sought therapy. The British royals have always had what is called a “stiff upper lip.”

For that matter Camilla who has been bullied for decades by the press, also did not go to a psychiatrist.

What exactly is the problem with Kate Middleton and Prince William? What are the mental health issues that the couple rant about regularly? Do George and Charlotte really have problems — the answer is most likely to be in the negative.

Royals have a history to never show their weakness, do not seek help from either psychologists or psychiatrists, and spill family secrets. They also reportedly do not share their feelings with other family members.

The last time the royal family was embarrassed was when Princess Diana spilled dirty secrets during her interview with Martin Bashir at Kensington Palace.

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