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Kaspersky Labs Warns PC Gamers against Targeted Hacking

Kaspersky Labs Warns PC Gamers against Targeted Hacking


Kaspersky Labs Warns PC Gamers against Targeted Hacking

Kaspersky Labs Warns PC Gamers Targeted HackingPC gamers should be more careful because they could be the next target or cyber attacks. This is the warning recently released by Kaspersky Labs. The PC security vendor asserted that cybercriminals now take greater effort to target their attacks as they get more sophisticated.

The company particularly warned PC gamers especially during holidays like Christmas. It said that hackers may take advantage of the season when there are more new games that are being released. It added that gamers must be more attentive to stay secure.

Cyber attacks worldwide

Kaspersky Labs revealed that it recorded more than 11.7 million incidences of attacks targeting PC gamers in the entire 2013. Of those victims, majority are from Russia, where hackers were able to compromise PCs for over 8.8 million attempts in the entire year.

PC hackers attacking through games also tried attacking gamers in other countries. On the No. 2 spot on the list was Vietnam, where more than half a million PC gamers were hacked or compromised. The third country with the most number of victims or hacking attempts was China, where there were more than 375,000 attempts.

Kaspersky has also identified up to 4.6 million copies of gaming-focused virus or malware. This could be attributed to the increasing volume of PC gamers, who are vulnerable and easy targets for cyber crooks.

Underground forums

Some experts note that cybercriminals usually frequent underground forums, where they easily deceive unsuspecting victims. Those hackers usually come out to sell access to other people’s gaming accounts in various sites. The major come-on would be the attractive price tag and the prospect of having to enjoy games at the expense of others.

Just a few weeks ago, Kaspersky also identified a massive espionage campaign that still targets PC gamers. Those programs target multiplayer online game creators as well, targeting their source codes and many other valuable data.

Simple tips

In some other cases, attackers launch phishing operations and send emails prior to an anticipated launch of a popular game. In fact, just last Christmas, most of those cyber cooks duped unsuspecting PC gamers by offering them data or cash equivalent in the form of cheaper gaming goods or discounts.

How to avoid being victimized? Kasperksy advises PC gamers not to instantly click on offers that appear too good to be actually true. Social media users should be more careful as those messages may come across through inboxes of Facebook or Twitter.

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