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Kasinova Tha Don Is Tupac Shakur: Evidence

Kasinova Tha Don Is Tupac Shakur: Evidence
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Kasinova Tha Don Is Tupac Shakur: Evidence

Is Kasinova Tha Don the iconic American rapper Tupac Shakur? Fans of the rapper think so.

A new video footage has emerged that alleges Tupac Shakur might be alive even 20 years after being gunned down after a boxing match in Las Vegas. His fans worldwide are convinced he did not really die and has been living a secret life.

Kasinova Tha Don claims that he is not Tupac. But he has posted several cryptic messages on social media which has lead people to believe he is the iconic rapper like writing: “2 Souls, One Body” on his Facebook page.

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The rapper was discovered by an “Outlawz” member, a group that Tupac created. Is this just mere coincidence or is there more to it than meets the eye?

Tha Don sounds exactly like Tupac Shakur. His fans believe in the new conspiracies that say Tupac has been living in Cuba after faking his own death. He will be 44 if he is alive, in June fans celebrated what would have been his 44th birthday.

Reminds one of Niccolo Machiavelli, who faked his death and returned 18 years later. But, it’s not just Kasinova who is allegedly thought to be Tupac, fans of the iconic rapper earlier though Blac Haze & Crazy to be Tupac, according to Tupac Immortal.

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There are so many things that prove Kasinova Tha Don may actually be Tupac Shakur himself. Many questions come to mind with regard to the rapper, but remain unanswered.

He rapped about Tupac faking his death in the song “My’stery”

In “My’stery” Kasinova Tha Don raps whatever the media said was not true.

Not just his voice but also the lyrics of his song are so Tupac Shakur and his life.

Does he rap to keep the legacy of Tupac alive, or it simply for financial gain?

Even after fans of Kasinova want to know about him, he still prefers to remain underground artist. Does this not point to something else?

Where does his all the money for his recordings, apps, cars come from

He has an app on iTunes that was created by Manuel Lopez who also created the “Truth About Tupac” movement app.

Kasinova contradicts everything he says in his YouTube video interview in 2009.

Besides, it strange that Kasinova Tha Don got on with Tupac’s cousin from the Outlawz and he did not have any problem about him sounding like Tupac.

Grainy photos have previously been published on various websites claiming to show the rapper still live, The Sun reports. A new YouTube video has emerged online that shows a photograph of a man in a red bandana and a blue jacket. The person has an uncanny resemblance to the supposedly deceased musician.

There are rumors that Tupac Shakur will make a comeback this year. Meanwhile, a biopic on him titled “All Eyez On Me” is scheduled to release in November 2016, according to The Verge.

Is the YouTube video of the person resembling Tupac just a mere coincidence or it is a publicity stunt for the new movie?

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