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Karina Vetrano: Photos Of Missing Jogger Found Strangled To Death

Karina Vetrano: Photos Of Missing Jogger Found Strangled To Death
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Karina Vetrano: Photos Of Missing Jogger Found Strangled To Death

On Tuesday afternoon, a 30-year-old jogger, who was reported missing by her dad, was discovered dead in a marsh off the Belt Parkway.

Karina Vetrano was found less than half a mile away from her Queens home on late Tuesday. Right now, investigators believe she was murdered. According to NY Daily News, the young jogger’s pants had been pulled down, which made the police believe she was strangled and sexually assaulted.

Karina’s father Philip is a retired New York City firefighter. He contacted a police chief who lives nearby after Karina did not come home from jogging. After this, the police chief called 911. A search was initiated for the young woman. Her father was part of the search party.

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Karina’s cell phone was discovered by the search party on a bike path in Spring Creek Park. It is a recreation area adjacent to her Queens neighborhood. However, the way she was killed would be revealed after an autopsy, which would be conducted by the city Medical Examiner.

As of now, neighbors believe Karina Vetrano had been a victim of foul play. “I hear there’s a couple of shanty houses out there,” said John, a neighbor living in the woods off the bike path.

According to the cops, Karina jogged with her father. She had ignored his warning to avoid an overgrown trail, and police believe she ran right into the hands of a merciless killer.

“If you’re a runner, you understand, you run every night,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce stated. “So she went and she said she’d be all right.”

Cosmopolitan reported that police narrowed the search by using cell phone signals. They also said that there is a security video of the jogger running along the edge of the park at about 5:45 p.m.

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