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Karina Vetrano Killer: Mystery Man Suddenly Disappears After Jogger’s Death

Karina Vetrano Killer: Mystery Man Suddenly Disappears After Jogger’s Death
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Karina Vetrano Killer: Mystery Man Suddenly Disappears After Jogger’s Death

After the brutal murder of his daughter, Phil Vetrano remains determined to find her daughter’s killer. Today, his focus has shifted to one particular jogger who suddenly disappeared after his daughter’s death. Could he be Katrina Vetrano’s killer?

Katrina Vetrano Killer: Father Gives Description Of Disappeared Mystery Jogger

“There was this one particular runner, and I want to talk to especially the people from my neighborhood, Howard Beach, they have to pay very good attention to this,” Phil said during an interview for a radio show on Monday afternoon.

Vetrano believes the mystery jogger ran around the same route regularly, “down 84th St., south, towards 165th Ave., make a left heading east on 165th Ave., and return the same route.” Phil also said that he usually saw the jogger in the area “four or five days a week” in the last three years.

Using his keen observation skills, Phil managed to broadcast a clear description of the man he is looking for.

According to a report from the New York Daily News, the man is around 5-foot-9 in height and weighs approximately 150 pounds. He has black hair parted to the side and appears to be 30 to 35 years old. He tends to wear long running shorts, high socks and sunglasses, and he has a “very strange” stride, short but fast. Phil also said he is “extremely fit.”

“In the wintertime he would wear black — black gloves and a black cap. But in the summer, he might run shirtless, and the socks are bright green,” Phil added.

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Karina Vetrano Killer: DNA Recovered

According to a report from ABC 7, the NYPD managed to collect DNA from three different parts of their investigation from Karina’s murder. One was taken from Karina’s neck while another was taken from other parts of her body.

Meanwhile, authorities managed to collect DNA from Karina’s cellphone. For now, however, they cannot identify who the DNA belongs to.

“We were able to identify a DNA profile. We put that into our database, and there was no nationwide hit on it or any state hit on it,” explained Chief Robert Boyce.

Karina went out for a jog on August 2. Her body as found at the Spring Creek Park in Queens hours later. She had been sexually assaulted and strangled prior to her death.

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