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Karina Vetrano Death: Mystery Man Must ‘Talk To Police’

Karina Vetrano Death: Mystery Man Must ‘Talk To Police’
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Karina Vetrano Death: Mystery Man Must ‘Talk To Police’

A police artist made a sketch of a mysterious man believed to hold the key to solving the murder of Karina Vetrano.

“We want to speak to this person because we feel that he was there,” Robert Boyce, NYPD Chief of Detectives, said.

“He is not a subject. He is not even a (person of interest).”

According to the NY Daily News, police on Wednesday officially released the sketch of the potential witness to the murder of Karina Vetrano, who was discovered face-down in Spring Creek Park on August 2.

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It was reported that the bearded man in the sketch was seen exiting the weeds near the Belt Parkway when the 30-year-old jogger was murdered.

Vetrano was beaten in an extreme manner, which suggested she had put up a fight, the chief of detectives said in an earlier news conference. It was noted by the medical examiner that strangulation was the cause of death. There were reports that said she was also sexually assaulted.

As for the man in the sketch, Boyce said they are unaware who he is. He also said they do not know whether he was a fellow jogger.

The surprising part of the sketch was the dark wool hat worn by the subject. When Vetrano went missing, it was a hot summer day, so it is strange that the man was wearing a hat of that type.

“If you’ll notice the dark wool hat,” said the chief.

“Remember, the day was August 2nd. [It’s] a little unusual he’s wearing a wool hat.”

Police gathered the description of the man from a utility worker who was in the area at the time of the 30-year-old’s death. It is still unknown where the man was going to after he was seen, according to PIX 11.

Boyce said there are possibilities the man could have gone west on the Parkway into East New York, or in the opposite direction into Ozone Park.

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