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Karen Fukuhara Confirms Possiblity For ‘Katana’ Standalone Movie

Karen Fukuhara Confirms Possiblity For ‘Katana’ Standalone Movie
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Karen Fukuhara Confirms Possiblity For ‘Katana’ Standalone Movie

The upcoming “Suicide Squad” movie marks as Karen Fukuhara’s debut film. The actress will be playing a fictional role as Katana in the movie. As excited as fans are to see their superheroine in action, could there be a possibility for Karen to have her own stand-alone title?

In the previous teasers released by Warner Bros, the studio gave us brief information on the supervillain’s appearing in “Suicide Squad.” It was also established in a recent clip that Katana’s sword “traps the souls of its victims.”

While the superheroine is certainly a powerful character in DC, it looks like her origin story cannot be explained entirely in a time frame of 2 hr 10 min. However, it looks like DCEU could consider a “Katana Movie” in the future.

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During an interview with Comic Book, Karen Fukuhara spoke about her experience playing Katana in the movie. The actress also shared the response and reaction along with some hints as well.

“I’d like to explore where she’s from, what kind of training she comes from – if she gets a stand-alone movie that would be awesome!, There’s so much story from the point of her husband’s death to her story leading up toSuicide Squad – that’s something that I’d love to show on the screen,” Fukuhara said.

Most of the characters in “Suicide Squad” eventually have the possibility to appear in other DCEU titles. Jared Leto’s “The Joker” has already confessed his interest in playing the role again in Ben Affleck’s Batman.

While supervillain’s like Boomerang could appear in “The Flash” movie, a positive response from critics and fans towards Karen Fukuhara’s Katana could lead to her own origin story movie.

“Suicide Squad” will be released on August 5th, 2016. Fans can also check out the early reviews shared by some critics here.

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