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Kanye West Has A Rapist Friend? Student Victim Tells All!

Kanye West Has A Rapist Friend? Student Victim Tells All!
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Kanye West Has A Rapist Friend? Student Victim Tells All!

A friend of Kanye West is now in hot water after a student accused him of raping her.

A student at Emory University narrated in an “explosive” essay published on June 17, how Ian Connor, an A$AP Mob member, abused her.

In her “Ian Connor Is a Rapist, and I Know Firsthand“ blog post, Malika Anderson shared what happened to her and how she is handling th aftermath of the abuse, Hollywood Life reported.

Connor, apart from being in the circle of the 39-year-old husband of Kim Kardashian, is also a famous stylist to hip-hop artists.

“I pursued charges against Ian Connor for raping me,” she wrote about the friend of Kanye West. “Yes, that’s right folks, Ian Connor–the fashion nigga people love to stan for–is a rapist.”

“My detective never said I couldn’t talk about my case, but I decided not to because I wanted to get everything taken care of before I spoke about it publicly,” she added.

Anderson, who accused the stylist of raping her on Oct. 5, 2014, also said that she contracted gonorrhoea after it happened.

Accordingly, during the first and second time they “casually” hung out together in Atlanta, nothing sexual happened between them. However, on the third time, she got shocked that she could already feel the “bare penis” Kanye West’s friend getting inside of her.

After Connor allegedly asked him for a number of times “if he could eat me out,” she “eventually gave in,” but having sex was reportedly not part of what she expected to happen.

“The 3rd and last time we hung out I hit him up,” Anderson said. “He came to my crib in the morning and I figured we would just talk and chill per usual… But that isn’t what happened.”

In the meantime, Connor responded to the accusation by “victim shaming,” according to Daily Mail UK.

“Warning –Filled With Lies and Gonorrhea  Location – Chicago/Atlanta Stay!” the friend of Kanye West reportedly said in one of the 17 tweets which have reportedly been deleted already.

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