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Kanye West, Jay-Z’s Tidal Sued Over Deceiving Fans on Exclusivity of ‘The Life of Pablo’ Album

Kanye West, Jay-Z’s Tidal Sued Over Deceiving Fans on Exclusivity of ‘The Life of Pablo’ Album
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Kanye West, Jay-Z’s Tidal Sued Over Deceiving Fans on Exclusivity of ‘The Life of Pablo’ Album

On Monday, a fan of Kanye West instituted a legal proceedings against the recording artist and the subscription-based music streaming service – Tidal. According to the fan, both West and Tidal deceived the music streaming service users into subscribing to Tidal after West said his album would only be available on Jay Z’s streaming service, Tidal.

As stated by Billboard, the lawsuit was filed by Justin Baker-Rhett in U.S. District Court in San Francisco. Baker-Rhett’s lawsuit contended the recording artist fraudulently led fans to expect that his album, dubbed as “The Life of Pablo,” would only be accessed on Jay Z’s streaming service. The streaming service had a subscription fee for the users at least $9.99 a month. However, it turned out that Kanye’s album has been available for free on Apple Music and Spotify.

The lawsuit filed by Bake-Rhett stated, “Consumers were uniformly tricked into handing over their private data and credit card information by a singular mistruth.”

The Wrap claimed that the complaint stated that the streaming service collected customers’ personal information such as email addresses, social media account information and “other personally identifiable information” from subscribers as young as 13-years-old.

Because of West’s statement regarding the exclusivity of his album to Tidal, the lawsuit stated that Tidal had benefited greatly, with user subscriptions reaching an income of 1 million to 3 million in a month.

Jay Edelson (Baker-Rhett’s lawyer) wrote in a statement, “We fully support the right of artists to express themselves freely and creatively, however, creative freedom is not a license to deceive the public.” Edelson added, “We believe that we will be able to prove to a jury that the rapper and the streaming service Tidal tricked millions of individuals into subscribing to their services and that they will ultimately be held accountable for what they did.”

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