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Kanye West ‘Famous’ Music Video Reportedly Degrades Wife & Women Intentionally

Kanye West ‘Famous’ Music Video Reportedly Degrades Wife & Women Intentionally
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Kanye West ‘Famous’ Music Video Reportedly Degrades Wife & Women Intentionally

Kanye West clearly had no intentions of winning over his female friends with his latest “Famous” music video. Why else would he include such an anti-feminist message in it?

Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ music video presents an “orgy” of evidence (in the most literal sense) of how women can be represented in a more degrading light than men.

In a music video, which already making headlines due to all the wrong reasons, Kanye seems to have been less generous in covering up the nudity of women than he has of the men.

Kim Kardashian’s husband finally succeeded in outdoing her when it comes to breaking the internet on 24th June 2016, by creating a huge buzz with the launch of his “Famous” music video, that no one had saw coming.

The video shows Kanye sleeping in the middle of a massive bed with 11 other naked celebrities along with him, all strategically placed to each other. It has been reported that all of them are synthetic body doubles.

But that was not the only thing that is seen strategically placed. Even though they all appear to be completely nude, a single enormous white blanket covers each of them partially. This is where the first part of the discrepancy between men and women is noticed – while care is taken to cover the genitals of men, no such courtesy if extended to women.

Kanye West-Taylor Swift Feud

While Kanye had clarified earlier in an interview with Vanity Fair that his “Famous” video was solely meant to be “a comment on fame” than anything else, one cannot help but wonder if that is really the case.

While Kanye lies between his wife on one side and Taylor Swift (whom he has openly expressed the desire to have sex with) on the other, feeling all-powerful, the women are left with less-than-satisfying companions.

Kim Kardashian has Ray J lying on her right, someone who had made a sex tape with her and then released it in public to scandalize her. Rihanna is laid next to Chris Brown, her former lover who had beat violently assaulted her.

Lastly, Bill Cosby lies to the far right end of the bed, someone who has been publicly accused by several women of sexual misconduct and even rape.

According to Billboard,  Kanye stated that he had taken his wife’s permission before making the video. Does that really excuse him for the clearly sexist connotations in the subject matter of his creation?

Have you watched Kanye West’s “Famous” video yet? What did you think of it?

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