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Kaitlyn Breaks Silence: Spills Out News Of Sleepover With Nick To Shawn

Kaitlyn Breaks Silence: Spills Out News Of Sleepover With Nick To Shawn
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Kaitlyn Breaks Silence: Spills Out News Of Sleepover With Nick To Shawn

It’s finally the day when Kaitlyn tells the truth to her favorite contestant Shawn Booth on the show. The star decides to confess about her sleepover with Nick Viall, and Shawn B had to take the blow.

Bristowe was caught having sex with Nick Viall, who happens to know her even before the show. There were some awkward noises recorded on the camera and we can assume what happened behind closed doors. The Bachelorette, Kaitlyn, was cautious about not letting the truth go out on the show, but this time she has decided to come clean.

Kaitlyn chose Shawn Booth to tell the truth for obvious reasons. She started by saying, “I don’t even know how to say this…”

Shawn was sweet enough to say, “It’s alright; you can say whatever you need to say.” He never knew what was coming his way.

What Kaitlyn said after that was, “I know that your biggest thing is trust, and I haven’t talked to anybody else about this — I just know that I wanted to talk to you about it.

“You know I had that one-on-one date with Nick? At night we went back to my place and I just feel like it went too far.”

There have been moments of sweetness between the two in the show, and one can surely understand that the duo has a connection. On the other hand, the relationship between Nick and Shawn is not good. As reported earlier, Shawn has been really vocal against Nick for quite long.

Shawn Booth, the Ryan Gosling lookalike, as stated by ET Online, was shattered to hear the news.

Chris left the show last episode. The heartache he went through is known to anybody, and this time, Shawn Booth is on the receiving end of the blow.

An insider told Boston Herald that Shawn actually thought of leaving the show once he heard the news, but he was man enough to take the blow. He has strong feelings towards Kaitlyn, and thus, he stayed back.

Stay updated to know what happens next in the show and how Shawn reacts to Kaitlyn’s sleepover with Nick.

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