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Justin Trudeau New Marvel Superhero: Facts About Canadian Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau New Marvel Superhero: Facts About Canadian Prime Minister
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Justin Trudeau New Marvel Superhero: Facts About Canadian Prime Minister

Canada’s Prime Minster Justin Trudeau has been all over the news lately and it isn’t for his political achievements. The 44-year-old Liberal Party leader was transformed into an action hero on Marvel Comics recent issue, Civil II.

Justin Trudeau landed on the cover of Civil War II issue as he is revealed wearing a maple leaf tank top and boxing gloves in the ring. Fans can check out Prime Minister Trudeau in his boxer attire in the image below.

According to a report by NPR,The issue was released on August 31st. so at present, fans can grab their copy.

Some Marvel fans living outside Canada are puzzled over the traction Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has gained. But most of the residents in Canada consider the politician as hero in real life.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has shown his responsibility as a hero by stepping up his commitment to solving climate change. During his speech at the UN Climate summit, Trudeau said to the delegates that, “Canada is back, my friends. Canada is back, and here to help.”

In 2015, the Prime Minister also named a gender based cabinet. Furthermore, Justin Trudeau has also revealed his love for comic superhero as he was part of  ComicCon wearing a Superman t-shirt.

While some of his attempts to be a heroin real life has been misrepresented to the audience as publicity stunt, Justin Trudeau has managed to convince the people of Canada that he can be a hero in real life as well as in a fictional universe.

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The cartoonist who depicted Trudeau in Civil War II also explained the reason behind the Prime minister’s looks in the comic.”I was going for a little bit of, I guess, a little bit of attitude, a little bit of smugness, like you don’t know if he’s already been boxing for a little bit and he’s going back in, or he’s just starting out and gearing himself up,” said Ramon Perez.

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