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Justin Bieber & Usher Reunited In Atlanta Concert

Justin Bieber & Usher Reunited In Atlanta Concert
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Justin Bieber & Usher Reunited In Atlanta Concert

On April 13, in Atlanta, during the “Purpose” Tour of the Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber, the crowd got quite the treat when the singer slowed things down. As Bieber started to perform a rendition of Usher’s track “U Got it Bad,” fans were beyond thrilled about the cover. But, things went wilder when Usher himself walked out onstage to sing with Bieber.

According to Hollywood Life, when Bieber and the American singer and songwriter Usher started to perform, Atlanta’s Philips Arena were filled with the ear banging screams from the crowd. But, the scream even ignited the performers, as Usher led the song while the Canadian pop superstar continued on the acoustic guitar. The enthusiastic audience even helped out with the chorus before Bieber and Usher stood side by side for an amazing harmony.

It’s not a surprise that these artists have such a great chemistry on stage, as Bieber and Usher go a long way back. As claimed by USA Today, way back in 2009, Usher signed a young YouTube sensation from Canada to his joint venture with the American talent manager, Scooter Braun. The Canadian YouTube sensation grew up to be the “What Do You Mean?” hitmaker – Bieber.

It appeared that the “Love Yourself” singer invited his former mentor during the stopover of his Purpose Tour in Atlanta – the city where Bieber first sang for Usher.

In Bieber’s 2009 interview, the Canadian singer described their first meeting, Bieber stated, “Usher was going to the studio the same time as me and I ran up to him as fast as I could. Bieber added, “I was like, ‘Usher, Usher! I love your songs! You want me to sing you one?'”

Usher got to look at Bieber’s videos and flew him back to Atlanta and the rest is history.

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