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Justin Bieber To Sing At ‘V Festival’

Justin Bieber To Sing At ‘V Festival’
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Justin Bieber To Sing At ‘V Festival’

The 21-year-old pop singer is preparing for his UK tour. Justin Bieber is set to wow the audience at the Chelmsford’s V Festival in August.

It’s official. Justin Bieber is set to perform in the upcoming Chelmsford’s V Festival in August this year. It’s a first for the “Love Yourself” singer to sing in front of the festival’s crowd.

The fate of musicians the likes of Jay Z, Fleetwood Mac, and Lionel Richie did an “okay” performance in past festivals. The V Festival crowd are a huge group of people who wants to have fun, and by fun, they mean great beer and music. As proof of how strict these people are, in 2012, Cher Lloyd performed in Chelmsford only to be booed and thrown at with urine bottles.

This year, a source confirmed to the Mirror that Justin Bieber will take this year’s stage. A million-dollar deal proves that the management behind the festival is confident that Bieber would do a great job. Although Bieber reinvented and remade his market these past few years, he will have to plan big in order to please his audience.

“Justin’s purpose tour is coming to the UK in October, and he wants to have cemented his new image in the public’s mind before that leg starts,” the source shared. “V Festival is the perfect opportunity to showcase his new, cooler material and will prove he can get even a tough crowd on his side. His songs have been in the top 5 for months and it’s no longer just young kids buying them. All ages are admitting to being Beliebers now. He’ll be a great signing.”

“Beliebers” all over the world are excited with this change, much so with Justin Bieber’s future sightings, projects, and commitments, OK! reports. Though he had a rough start polishing his name, he successfully managed and brought songs on top of the charts.

The V Festival will take place on August 19 to 21 at Hylands Park in Chelmsford.

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