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Justin Bieber Roast A Huge Success For Comedy Central

Justin Bieber Roast A Huge Success For Comedy Central
Image from Flickr by Joe Bielawa


Justin Bieber Roast A Huge Success For Comedy Central

Justin Bieber Joe Bielawa

Image from Flickr by Joe Bielawa

Justin Bieber roast ratings met incredible numbers on Monday, turning the Comedy Central special into one of its most popular ones ever, next to Charlie Sheen’s roast, which happened on Sept 2011.

The roast, which involves the country’s best comedians hurling insults at the male popstar, was taped on March 14. Actor Kevin Hart, who is about to get a Comedic Genius Award at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, served as the “roast master” and facilitated the spiels of a variety of guests such as Martha Stewart, Ludacris, Shaquille O’Neal, Snoop Dogg, Hannibal Buress and Pete Davidson.

A huge number of jokes were thrown at the expense of Justin Bieber, who graced the stage in a sleek blue suit. Some spiels were unsurprisingly harsh, even going as extreme as tackling the Holocaust and even Paul Walker. Buzzfeed’s Lauren Yapalater reported that even Ludacris was “visibly upset” during such segments.

The show, however, is being criticized as an attempt to make Justin Bieber more likeable to the public by showing that indeed, he can take a joke or two.

Billboard reported about a joke getting cut from the telecast. The said joke, which came from Hannibal Buress, described the event as an “extremely transparent attempt” to make non-Beliebers root for him.

“And, I hope it doesn’t work,” Buress had said.

As if the entire roast wasn’t clear enough, it ended with an apology from Justin Bieber himself. Jason Lipshutz wrote on Billboard, “What kind of celebrity ends his roast with an apology? One that really needs people to like him again, that’s who.”

The roast of Justin Bieber racked up 4.4 million viewers from 10pm to midnight, according to Nielsen.


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