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Justin Bieber Friends With Convicted Sex Offender, Fans Disgusted

Justin Bieber Friends With Convicted Sex Offender, Fans Disgusted
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Justin Bieber Friends With Convicted Sex Offender, Fans Disgusted

Could the saying “birds of the same feather flock together” be applicable to Justin Bieber?

A new report about the 22-year-old “Baby” singer has indicated that his circle of friends does not only include those in the Entertainment industry, but also those from the “low places.”

What could be the reason behind his alleged closeness with certain law offenders?

According to Radar Online, the ex-boyfriend of Selena Gomez is friends with a sex offender and another one who is involved with child pornography.

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The first so-called offender friend of friend Justin Bieber is 69-year-old Jeffrey Jones whom he has allegedly been spending time with lately.

The report noted that Jones used to play Dean of Discipline Edward R. Rooney in Ferris Bueller’s “Day Off” before he was charged for possession of child pornography.

Accordingly, he also made a 14-year-old boy to do some pornographic poses for him in 2003.

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Seven years later, the “friend” of Justin Bieber was arrested twice for having failed to update his sex offender status in California and Florida wherein a penalty of 250 hours of community service was imposed on him.

Meanwhile, another friend of the “Never Say Never” singer from the “low place” is 63-year-old Paul “Pee-Wee Herman” Reubens, who was arrested with misdemeanor possession of child pornography.

Amid this situation, fans reacting to the article appeared disgusted.

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“Justin, you don’t wanna join Peewee’s Playhouse,” one commenter wrote about Justin Bieber. “The last kid became suicidal.”

In the meantime, CBC reported that the Canadian singer has his own share of controversy when the Toronto Animal Services issued a warning of violation after he was seen with lion cubs in two separate events in the city.

As narrated by the group’s spokesperson Steve Johnston, Justin Bieber violated a law that bans exotic animals in the city.

“The information provided was that the lions came from Bowmanville Zoo,” Johnston explained via an e-mail. “They were also issued a letter seeking compliance.“

Keep posted for more news and updates about Justin Bieber.

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