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Justin Bieber Is Conor McGregor’s Super Fan

Justin Bieber Is Conor McGregor’s Super Fan
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Justin Bieber Is Conor McGregor’s Super Fan

Nobody predicted that the mixed martial artist Nate Diaz would win a victory over the former Cage Warriors Featherweight and Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor. This was so unexpected that even Canadian pop star Justin Bieber was heartbroken.

Ultimate Fighting Championship, McGregor was the heavy favorite against Nate Diaz, despite making the division jump from Featherweight to Welterweight (Conor’s belt was not on the line of the fight). But, even with the fact that Diaz had less than two weeks to prepare for the fight, Diaz still brought home the victory and Bieber was among the many fans disappointed by this.

The ‘What Do You Mean’ hitmaker was quick to share his support for McGregor to his 60 million Instagram followers. In an Instagram post first spotted by Rolling Stone, Bieber wrote: “No bandwagon, but Conor is a true champion, fights with style and finesse, all the respect to Nate but his style is terrible.” The American Music Award’s Artist of the Year in 2010 also uploaded a picture of McGregor to his Instagram account with the caption ‘Still the champ.’

There is still good news for Bieber and fans of McGregor. He promised he’ll be back soon although it won’t likely be against someone in the Welterweight division. With Jose Aldo calling McGregor a “pussy,” it might probably all the motivation McGregor needs to fight sooner rather than later.

On the other hand, other publication sites like, the Mirror,  noted that McGregor attracted many fans because of his amusing tactics- his bouts of teasing remarks and torments before fights. McGregor has also gained the nickname Mystic Mac for his strange ability to predict the fight’s results. He however failed to predict his fight with Diaz.

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