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Justice League Amber Heard As Mera: Plot And Character Details Revealed

Justice League Amber Heard As Mera: Plot And Character Details Revealed
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Justice League Amber Heard As Mera: Plot And Character Details Revealed

Since the divorce battle between Amber Heard and Johnny depp, updates on the actress’s upcoming role as Mera in Justice League has been shadowed. But it looks like Heard has finally started filming as the Atlantean queen in the movie.

Recently the actress was spotted in London, sprinting and jogging through the streets. It has been revealed that Amber Heard is in fact going through rigorous training for her role as Mera in Justice League.

According to Daily Mail’s source, “Amber is training hard for three hours a day”. Furthermore, “Mera is a kick-ass role. It’s very empowering for women, which is appealing to Amber – especially after what she’s gone through.”

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While it has been confirmed that Amber Heard has finally started filming as Mera, it looks like her character plays a primary role in Justice League. Recently, Twitter user Harley Queen tweeted that “reporter who visited the set of the Justice League” revealed to him some details on the Atlantean queen.

The twitter user claims that “the role of Amber Heard in the film is very significant” as revealed by his source.  Currently, the authenticity of his reveal remains questionable.

In DC Universe, Mera is known as the Atlantean queen and has been romantically involved and married to Aquaman. Currently, fans are aware that Justice League movie plot will concentrate on the invasion of Steppenwolf from Apokolips. But the importance of the Atlantean remains unknown.

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Amber Heard will also be playing as Mera along with Jason Momoa in the upcoming Aquaman movie under direction by James Wan. Furthermore, it has also been revealed that the movie will begin its shooting at Warner Bros. studio Leavesden.

Amber Heard will soon be busy filming for Justice League and Aquaman side by side. Fans can check out images of the actress training in the park below.

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