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‘Justice League’ Spoiler Images: Man Of Steel Kent Farmhouse Destroyed

‘Justice League’ Spoiler Images: Man Of Steel Kent Farmhouse Destroyed
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‘Justice League’ Spoiler Images: Man Of Steel Kent Farmhouse Destroyed

Earlier last month, images showed a film crew at the Kent Farmhouse used in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While fans were happy about the new tease, it looks like Clarke Kent’s house won’t be in one piece in the Justice League movie.

A new photo has revealed the Kent Farmhouse again. However, the location has been completely destroyed.

In Man of Steel, the Kent Farmhouse came close to destruction when General Zod attacked Martha Kent in search of Superman. But it looks like a new villain has finally succeeded in destroying Superman’s home in Justice League.

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According to the exclusive report from Superman homepage, the location is currently guarded and monitored 24/7. Furthermore, it has been revealed that the demolition was made by a few workmen.

Judging by the hints dropped in the ending scene of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition, it could be possible that the parademons (Apokolips’ army) attacked the Kent Farmhouse in search of Superman. However, it is just speculation.

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it was revealed at the end that Superman will be revived. However, it has been hinted that the Man of Steel will be a in weaker state in the first act of Justice League.

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The teaser trailer screened at SDCC didn’t reveal the revival of Superman in Justice League. However, the Man of Steel levitated proudly in the poster with the superheroes. It looks like Warner Bros. plans on making his appearance grand as always.

Justice League will be released on November 17, 2017. Currently, fans are expecting some exclusive clips to be screened at NYCC.

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