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Justice League Part 1 Spoilers: Kalibak Fights Beside Steppenwolf Or Darkseid

Justice League Part 1 Spoilers: Kalibak Fights Beside Steppenwolf Or Darkseid
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Justice League Part 1 Spoilers: Kalibak Fights Beside Steppenwolf Or Darkseid

The DC Extended Universe has been mum about their upcoming superhero movie Justice League: Part One. Unlike Marvel, the screenwriters and producers haven’t revealed any details except a few sequences we have come across in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The ending and deleted scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice gave us goosebumps since it teases the arrival of Darkseid. But rumors suggested the tyrannical ruler will appear only in Justice League Part Two, speculating Steppenwolf to take his place. But, rumors are rumors no matter the credibility of the source.

DC’s Violent Supervillian, Kalibak could fight beside Steppenwolf

While most of the fans are caught up with identifying who appears in the deleted scene, why aren’t we talking about Kalibak? Of course, DC hasn’t teased his arrival. But, all DC Universe fans would probably know his priority in earth battles. We have come across his gruesome wrath previously in comics and animated movies.

For those who aren’t aware, Kalibak is the eldest son of Darkseid. In the recent “New 52 Justice League: The Darkseid War Part 1 Volume 7,” Kalibak enters the earth realm and fights beside Steppenwolf. Although its story takes off in another direction, let’s do the math here.

Darkseid is one of the fiercest opponents faced by the Justice League. We all know the “God of Evil” has conquered many planets before. Although his interest towards Earth is greater, he would probably send his commander and son to take over the planet rather than the god himself doing so.

Kalibak has been a fierce enemy to Superman and led the Darkseid Army many times before to conquer Earth. This also hints Darkseid’s screentime to be more than just a post-credits scene in the movie. We all remember his famous “hands folded in the back” stance from the comics and animated series. Perhaps we’ll get one or two glimpse of them in Part One.

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