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Justice League Music Composer Junkie XL Gives Studio Tour [Watch]

Justice League Music Composer Junkie XL Gives Studio Tour [Watch]
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Justice League Music Composer Junkie XL Gives Studio Tour [Watch]

Earlier when Warner Bros. began its pre-production with Justice League, fans were expecting the studio to reveal that Hans Zimmer would once again compose for DCEU. Unfortunately, the audience were wrong.

The music composer revealed that he was retiring from composing soundtracks for Comic Book movies. As disappointed as fans were, the composer that replaced Hans Zimmer for Justice League was fortunately a fan favorite musician as well.

Justice League composer Junkie XL tour reveals music equipment

Warner Bros. announced that Junkie XL will be composing for Justice League. The Dutch composer recently worked alongside Hans Zimmer in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” directed by Zack Snyder.

Junkie XL has worked along with Snyder in other Hollywood titles as well. The composer worked with the director on “300: Rise of an Empire”.

Junkie XL has also worked on MCU titles under X-Men series in the past. The artist composed the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for “Deadpool”.  Unfortunately, he won’t be composing for “Deadpool 2”. It was revealed that Junkie XL exited that title due to “creative differences”.

Junkie XL has worked on other Hollywood titles as well. In 2015, the artist composed for “Mad Max: Fury Road”.

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Junkie XL’s Track For Justice League To Be Revealed In Upcoming Trailer?

Junkie XL has been credited for his aesthetic composition with many awards. The artist is quite known for winning AACTA Award for Best Original Music Score for “Mad Max: Fury Road”.

Fans cannot deny that Junkie XL is the perfect replacement composer for Justice League. Moreover, the artist’s original track is also speculated to be used in the upcoming Justice League trailer #3.

Recently, Junkie XL decided to give a tour to his studio. The artist takes us inside his studio and talks about his music composing equipments. Fans can check it out below. Justice League Trailer #3 is expected to be released along with “Rouge One”. However, some sources have suggested early release on Youtube as well.

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